Leather Concept

Everything under 1 roof

Whether you are looking for leather goods for your catering business or promotional purposes, you will now find everything in one place.

Selecta Signe

Selecta Signe is the name when it came to small leather goods, but times are changing and more and more customers are coming to us online. The company name did not make it clear what we were doing and that is why we switched to Leather Concept.


Our website camarero.nl was specifically designed for catering companies. But some products have an overlap with other industries. From now on, everything has been brought together to 1 platform and the same products are listed under different industries.

Leather Concept

Our (almost) new name, because Selecta had been using it for years, but it was not yet actively used. But our new name clearly shows what we do, making unique leather products, completely according to your wishes with the latest technologies.

80 Years

Selecta already makes customer-specific leather goods

What changes for ?

Nothing, the contact persons and address details remain unchanged, only the name has changed and the website has been given a makeover, which we think was not an unnecessary luxury.