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Leather Suitcase Tags & Airtag Suitcase Tags for the Professional Traveler


For the busy business traveler, our leather suitcase tags and Airtag compatible suitcase tags are more than an accessory; they are an essential part of your travel equipment. Made from high-quality leather and designed for seamless integration with Apple's Airtag technology, our labels offer both style and functionality.

High Quality Leather Suitcase Tags

Our leather suitcase labels are made from premium leather, which ensures durability and a professional appearance. Available in various refined colours, they match your business luggage perfectly and increase recognisability.


Withstands the demands of frequent travel.


Whether you're rushing a flight to an international conference or heading to an important business meeting, our leather suitcase tags and Airtag compatible labels are the perfect allies for any professional trip. Order now and travel with confidence and style.