Suitcase tag - 1506

The suitcase tag 1506 is a handy accessory for travelers. With this label you can easily identify your suitcase and ensure that it is not accidentally mixed up. The label is made of durable material and has a stylish design. It includes space to write your name, address and contact details so your suitcase can always be returned to you if it gets lost. The suitcase label 1506 is easy to attach to your suitcase using the supplied strap and will not easily come loose while traveling. Avoid the hassle of searching for your suitcase and ensure that you always find your luggage quickly with the handy suitcase tag 1506.

Specificaties :

Modelnummer: 1506

Verpakking: Polybag

Kleur: Black

Materiaal: Cowhide split leather

Sluiting: Buckle closure

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